Space Saving Inspiration: Pull-Out Storage

August 1, 2020

When cleaning or organizing our Arizona homes, we often focus more on the space that’s visible—kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and any general hosting areas. While it’s important to keep our houses tidy, our cabinets and closets are often neglected in the process.

With pull-out storage options, cabinets can be structured much more efficiently, and can save us time from sifting through cabinet-clutter, in the process. Here’s some space-saving inspiration and tips for pull-out storage functions for your Phoenix home:

The Sliding Shelf

Deep base cabinets found beneath countertops can be incredibly difficult to navigate—beyond the inefficient design, the darkness of this space can make it tricky to find exactly what you’re looking for. Sliding shelves have become a popular alternative function to use in kitchen cabinetry structures today. Deep drawers are prime spaces for larger appliances like pots and pans. Rather than having to aimlessly dig around, these functions allow you to simply pull all of your appliances out from the cabinets, hassle-free.

The Utensil Organizer

Utensil drawers are pretty common in kitchens, but they can also be pretty cluttered. However, utensil organizers can help add more organization to your space and ensure that you don’t overlook or misplace essential utensils or kitchen items again. This organizer is typically located in a thin pull-out cabinet next to the stove, and makes sure that every corner of space in your kitchen is put to good use.

Tray Divider Storage

Tray divider storage options are one of the most effective organizers to incorporate into your kitchen—though they definitely require the perfect space in order to be used properly. With items like cutting boards, baking sheets and large trays, it’s always a battle to designate a corner of your kitchen where these items can be stored in an efficient manner. But with deep cabinets and a tray divider storage function, these items can be stood alongside one another, rather than on top of each other. This will not only maximize cabinet space, but also remove the hassle of removing baking sheets or cutting boards from being underneath each other.

The Blind Corner Organizer

It’s long been tricky to figure out how to maximize the corner space beneath countertops, where cabinets often intersect. Sometimes the area isn’t a perfect shape or even symmetrical enough in length to store the most basic items. But with blind corner organizers, you can simply roll out all of your otherwise hidden items via a neat and organized sliding shelf—bringing all of your contents to you in an efficient fashion.


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