Budget-Friendly Ideas to Elevate Your Kitchen Cabinets

July 16, 2020

Thanks to HGTV and Pinterest, DIY home remodeling trends are all the rage — and for good reason! It’s never been easier to get creative inspiration online, or to implement niche decor ideas in your house. While we all love any excuse to tap into our inner interior designer, we might not always have the budget for it. Thankfully, there are plenty of home remodeling tips and techniques that you can adopt in your own home on the cheap.

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to elevate your kitchen cabinets this summer season:

Add Fresh Paint Colors to Old Cabinets

The kitchen is often the focal point of any household. It’s where food is both created and devoured, and families gather to indulge in quality time together. With this in mind, this particular space should encourage inspiration and a sense of warmth. However, outdated cabinets and dark colors can often inspire the opposite. If you’re not a seasoned painter, it might feel daunting to begin a painting project — especially in an area as important as the kitchen. But with primer and a basic can of spray paint, you can give your kitchen cabinets new life with a budget of only $250.

Replace Hardware

It’s all in the details — and nowhere is this more true than in your kitchen cabinetry. If your cabinets are beginning to look old, there are other routes you can take to update them beyond replacing the entire structure. Take a look at the handles and knobs on your cabinet doors. If they’re beginning to show their age, consider picking up a new set and installing them. You’ll be surprised by how sleek and stylish your cabinetry will look, just in simply adding new hardware!

Dress Up Cabinetry

Believe it or not, you can elevate your kitchen cabinets without embarking on an extensive remodeling project. This means you can hold off on purchasing paint, tools or other carpentry items, and instead, just make use of the decorations you already have within your home. If you have empty space above your kitchen cabinets, consider adding basic decor items to dress up the area. Whether it’s faux flowers or cozy signs, you can maximize on the additional space provided by this area — and beautify your kitchen in the process.

Customize Cabinets

In the same way that you can maximize on space above cabinets, you can also take advantage of the space below your cabinetry, as well. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and some basic carpentry skills to implement elements that are reflective of you and your kitchen taste. One example of this is an easy-to-build wine rack which can be bolted just below your cabinet space. Simply invest in two 1x4’s that are the length of the under-cabinet bay, and a strip of 3/4-in. plywood that same length and 8 in. wide. Through this simple DIY project, you can elevate your cabinets and build the perfect space to store your favorite vintage wines!

If you’re interested in updating your cabinet sets completely, do not hesitate to call NewCabinet Company for support and professional insight. Our experts have decades of experience in this space and have been helping people in the Phoenix area buy cabinets for years. We would love to help you take your blueprint cabinet ideas and execute them to fulfill your remodeling aspirations. 


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