Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide to Knobs and Pulls

October 21, 2020

You’ve picked out a fantastic home here in Phoenix, Arizona, designed your dream kitchen and chosen the perfect style for your cabinets. With these significant decisions out of the way, all the hard work is done, right? 

Well, not quite yet.  

While things like wood type and paint color are crucial, smaller pieces — like hardware — can often be just as essential to your kitchen’s aesthetics and final appearance. Furthermore, they can be the difference between frustrating and functional cabinets, depending on your preferences. 

As a result, it may be challenging for many Arizona homeowners to choose between knobs or pulls — or neither! If you relate, this post is here to give you some insight into each route. 

Pull Hardware 

It has been a few decades since pulls were featured in nearly every Arizona home; however, these classic details are having a bit of a comeback thanks to their surprising versatility. 

While there’s not much of a difference between pulls and knobs in terms of utility, they can greatly impact your cabinets’ final design. There are various forms to choose from, enabling homeowners to customize their hardware to fit their vision. Whether you’re aiming for a classic look or a hyper-modern feel, there’s a pull for it! 

Try out some of these techniques to make the most of your pulls: 

  • Try A Cup Pull: Bars are the most common type of pull, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd. Try using a cup pull instead to give your cabinets a traditional, farmhouse appeal. 
  • Go Vintage: The old always becomes new again — even for kitchens. Make your cabinets one of a kind by incorporating renovated pulls salvaged from older homes.  
  • Two is Better than One: Don’t know how to choose between pulls and knobs? Incorporate both! 

Knob Hardware 

Cabinets have utilized knobs for decades thanks to their simple designs and easy installation process. In fact, most consider these to be accessories rather than hardware due to their interchangeability. As such, they’re a large draw for homeowners who want to try out a few different styles before landing on a final choice.

Knobs have more to offer than simple appearance, however. They come in various forms, from rectangular to oval, from long to narrow, allowing them to fit in with various cabinet arrangements. 

Here are some popular knob uses to spruce up your cabinets

  • Matching Appliances: Who said a kitchen couldn’t be as stylish as the rest of your home? Showcase your knobs by matching them to the color of your sink or other appliances. 
  • Less is More: Not everyone can stomach intricate, flashy designs that demand your attention. If you prefer an understated look that still offers style, try contrasting simple cabinets with detailed knobs.   
  • Staying Eco-Conscious: Like most places in Arizona, Phoenix is a place surrounded by natural beauty. Give back to mother nature by using recycled knobs found at your local thrift stores. (You can also do the same with pulls.) 


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