The Characteristics of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Adding contemporary kitchen cabinets to your home can provide your kitchen with a cleaner and more stylish appearance. If you want to achieve a contemporary kitchen design, having cabinets that fit the aesthetic is a necessity. You may be wondering what defines contemporary kitchen cabinets. Because the definition changes a bit over time, it can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of modern kitchen cabinet design trends. Here, we’ll examine the characteristics of contemporary kitchen cabinets in today’s world.


Sleek Design

These days, most contemporary modern kitchen cabinets are recognizable for their sleek, angular designs. Typically, these cabinets feature streamlined builds and are relatively minimalist. With most contemporary kitchen cabinets, there’s very little ornamentation, and you’ll rarely see added decorations such as carvings or moldings. Today’s modern cabinets are designed to be simple yet elegant, typically featuring asymmetry and horizontal lines. Rather than drawing too much attention, the majority of contemporary kitchen cabinets seamlessly blend in with the luxurious aesthetic of modern kitchens.


Shaker and Flat-Front Doors

Usually, contemporary modern kitchen cabinets utilize either Shaker or flat-front cabinet doors, both of which have simple lines. Shaker cabinet doors feature five pieces of flat panels, which combine to create a stylish frame. Typically, Shaker cabinets found in contemporary kitchen designs will have doors crafted from oak, maple, or hickory. Flat-front cabinet doors, which are also referred to as slab doors, are also commonly found on contemporary kitchen cabinets. These minimalist doors are built from only a single piece of wood. This piece of smooth wood is either covered with veneer or painted to match the color scheme of the kitchen.



While the aesthetic is important when it comes to contemporary kitchen cabinets, functionality is typically a priority as well. Because the designs of these cabinets tend to be so straightforward and minimalist, they serve their purpose in the kitchen quite well. Rather than being bulky and cumbersome, their doors are lightweight and easy to use. As for the interiors, they’re often spacious with sturdy, reliable shelving. For most modern kitchen designers, it’s very important that functionality and convenience aren’t sacrificed in the name of style. To achieve a truly luxurious kitchen, your cabinets need to work properly and aid your day-to-day lifestyle, rather than interfere with it.



Typically, contemporary kitchen cabinets are made from a combination of natural and man-made materials. The cabinet’s main box is usually crafted from some kind of wood, such as plywood or engineered wood. Synthetic materials like aluminum and stainless steel are often utilized for the hardware of the cabinet, as they’re sturdy and create a smooth, sleek appearance. Beyond that, an attractive finish is added to the cabinet to complete the design. For modern cabinets, wood veneers and laminates are popular choices, as they recreate the appearance of wood while maintaining the contemporary aesthetic. Many contemporary kitchen cabinets also use paint as a finish, but choosing a subtle color is crucial to capture the sleek, minimalist appearance.


Simple, Elegant, and Functional

Ultimately, one of the key characteristics of contemporary kitchen cabinets is that they aren’t trying to do too much. They’re sleek, subtle, and functional, and it’s that quiet simplicity that lends contemporary kitchens their stylish, luxurious feel. While some homeowners may still prefer traditional kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen cabinets have an undeniable appeal.