6 Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2023

Each year, there are many new and exciting trends sweeping the world of interior design. Quite a few of these modern ideas are centered on the kitchen, and for many designers, kitchen cabinet trends are all the rage. The kitchen often has a unique vibe and aesthetic when compared to the rest of the home, allowing for increased creativity and bold choices. Here, we’ll examine some of the hottest trends for designing and decorating kitchen cabinets in 2023.


1: Oversized Handles 

One of the most interesting new kitchen cabinet trends for 2023 is the emergence of large, swooping handles. This can be seen with the brand Scavolini’s Jeometrica collection. The eye-catching handles span nearly the entire length of the cabinets, creating a unique aesthetic while also providing utility. The handles not only make it easy to open the cabinet doors from any angle, but they’re also comfortable and satisfying to grip. The best kitchen design ideas are both stylish and functional, and oversized handles are an excellent example of that.


2: Mint Green Cabinets

There are several trending kitchen cabinet colors for 2023, and one of the most interesting is mint green. As the shade’s name suggests, it succeeds in bringing the freshness of the garden into the kitchen. Although mint green is a fairly subtle color, applying it to the cabinets gives the kitchen a happy, upbeat atmosphere. It’s also a comforting hue that gives one thought of being out in nature, which can lend inspiration to some people when preparing meals. While boldness can be wonderful for decorating the kitchen, there’s nothing wrong with going a quieter route, and mint green cabinets achieve that in the best way.


3: Colorful Stained Wood

Wood kitchen cabinets are a timeless classic, but these days, many people are going in a more daring direction and adding some vibrant color. When it’s stained properly, wood can come in far more shades than only brown. With this bold kitchen trend, you can add some lively energy to your kitchen by staining your wood cabinets with vivid greys, blues, reds, or any other hues that you want. You’ll still get the lovely natural texture associated with wood, only with a much more interesting aesthetic.


4: Cabinets to the Ceiling

In 2023, it will continue to be a popular trend for kitchen cabinets to run all the way to the ceiling. More and more designers are deciding that attempting to decorate a thin space between the cabinets and the ceiling just isn’t worth it. Unless you have a very specific design in mind that can effectively utilize that area, it will almost always look more stylish for the top of your cabinets to meet the ceiling. In addition to looking sleeker, this also provides you with more cabinet storage space to use.


5: Stainless Steel Cabinets

Nothing makes your kitchen design look more modern than pristine stainless steel. This is easily one of the sleekest kitchen cabinet trends of 2023, and it doesn’t need to be limited to only the cabinets. Stainless steel tends to look the most stylish if you make it the theme of the entire kitchen, from the countertops to the cabinets to the refrigerator. To make the shining steel stand out even more, consider going with a smooth matte finish.


6: All Black Cabinets 

This year, black is one of the most popular trending kitchen cabinet colors, and for good reason. Although some people are intimidated by the idea of a black kitchen, it can really make the space pop in a way that no other colors will. While you could go with black for the entire kitchen, black cabinets with a lighter color for the countertops will also contrast beautifully. In truth, black pairs well with just about everything, which is why black cabinets are such a popular trend for 2023.


Think Outside the Box

Whether you choose to be bold or subtle, extravagant or minimalist, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something different with your kitchen design. Give your cabinets a look that will catch the eye and make an impression on your guests, while also being aesthetically pleasing for you to enjoy. Any of the kitchen cabinet trends covered here by New Cabinet Company will be a wonderful addition to your home design in 2023.