Are you already considering the next upgrade for your kitchen's design? New Cabinet Company takes pride in an in-depth understanding of the core of your home. Therefore, it's only natural to present the foremost kitchen design trends of 2024. Given that your kitchen experiences the highest level of foot traffic in your house, there are always innovative ideas to consider for enhancing its allure.


Read this blog to find out the kitchen design trends that will not only shape 2024 but also influence the next few years.


Wood Elements


The resurgence of warm, natural wood tones in kitchen design is truly exciting. The practice of painting cabinets in white is now receding, making way for the incorporation of cabinets with natural, high-textured wood patterns, such as New Cabinet Company’s Modern Oak and Beachcomber shades. These elements infuse kitchens with an organic ambiance, particularly when integrated into contemporary, mid-century, or Scandinavian designs.


Neutral Cabinet Colors


Many interior design specialists are noticing that homeowners are showing more of a preference these days for neutral-colored kitchen cabinets. Integrating them into your home is a seamless process that can greatly enhance its visual appeal.


Versatile and simple, neutral colors elevate the allure of bolder décor and accent pieces in your kitchen. Among the many popular neutral color choices, mid-brown shades are expected to be the leader in the coming years. Another great benefit about neutral cabinet colors is that they make it much easier to decorate for the holidays (or any time of year)since you won’t have to worry about different colors clashing in the kitchen.


Multipurpose Kitchen Islands


A kitchen island serves as a vibrant hub of activity, extending beyond meal preparation. Its adaptability is expanding, with the emergence of islands featuring adjustable heights, integrated charging stations, and even retractable work surfaces, catering to various functionssuch as remote work and intimate gatherings. This shift toward enhanced versatility underscores the growing aspiration to optimize space and functionality in contemporary homes.


One of the kitchen island trends we may see in 2024 is a rise in combination islands, where approximately 50-60% of the island will feature concealed storage below, while the remaining 40-50% will showcase furniture-style legs, substantial top drawers, and open space beneath, suitable for counter-height stools to fit snugly underneath. When you purchase cabinets with New Cabinet Company, you can work with the team to customize your kitchen island cabinets to your liking and ensure they allow ample space for stools. Ultimately, with multipurpose kitchen islands, modern kitchen design has the potential to truly become the epicenter of daily activities.


Gold Embellishments


According to the findings of interior design specialists, matte black is set to become the runner-up as homeowners opt for a golden touch. Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs in matte, satin, and brushed finishes will embrace the allure of gold, contributing to a cozier ambiance. When you install RTA(ready-to-install) cabinets from New Cabinet Company and add gold hardware to them, it will provide your kitchen with a classic and timeless look that will last forever.


Stay Ahead of the Game with Kitchen Design Trends with New Cabinet Company!


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