What Are RTA Cabinets?

“What are RTA cabinets?” is a common question for homeowners designing their kitchens and bathrooms. RTA stands for “Ready to Assemble,” and an RTA cabinet is essentially a cabinet that has been packaged for the homeowner to easily put together. So, why are RTA cabinets so easy to assemble? For one thing, the cabinet doors are typically pre-installed to the face frame, which eliminates a significant amount of effort for the homeowner. Plus, the pieces of the cabinet have usually been designed so that conjoining them will be as straightforward as possible. RTA cabinets come with clear assembly instructions, and with a few basic tools, just about anyone can put them together.

What Are RTA Cabinets Made Of?

RTA cabinets can be made of several different materials. When you buy an RTA kitchen or bathroom cabinet, it might be made from solid wood, particle board, plywood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or HDF (high-density fiberboard). When purchasing an RTA cabinet, you should always make sure you know which material it’s made from. For example, if you want your new cabinet to be as sturdy as possible, you’ll be much better off buying a solid wood RTA cabinet than a particle board RTA cabinet.

Are RTA Cabinets of Good Quality?

If you’re thinking of buying an RTA cabinet, you’re undoubtedly wondering if RTA cabinets are of good quality. Firstly, the quality always depends on the brand of cabinet you’re purchasing. When you purchase a bathroom or kitchen cabinet from New Cabinet Company, you’ll always be receiving a quality product. That said, the quality of RTA cabinets can vary significantly. Some RTA cabinets are very sturdy and durable, while others are relatively flimsy and cheap. However, if you know what to look for, you can make sure that you never purchase a low-quality RTA cabinet.

There are a few things you’ll want to pay attention to when evaluating the quality of an RTA cabinet.

1. Material - The material the RTA cabinet is made of plays a big part in its overall quality. In general, RTA cabinets made of solid wood will always be the most durable. Other materials that are reliable include plywood, HDF, and MDF. When RTA cabinets are made of any of these materials, there’s a good chance they’re at least of decent quality.

2. Finish - The finish used on an RTA cabinet is also important when considering the quality. Some finishes are much more resistant to water, chemicals, and UV than others. Conversion Varnish is typically viewed as one of the most durable cabinet finishes, while lacquer finishes usually won’t hold up nearly as well. If you want your new RTA cabinet to look beautiful for many years, it’s imperative to consider the finish.

3. Joinery - Finally, you should consider the joinery of an RTA cabinet before you decide to purchase it. The joinery refers to the fasteners used to assemble the cabinet. RTA cabinets of lower quality will typically use cam locks and metal clips for the joinery. High-quality RTA cabinets, on the other hand, will be more likely to utilize dovetail joinery, dado joinery, dowels and glue, or screws. With these types of joinery, the cabinet is likely to be quite a bit sturdier and will hold up better over the years.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to purchase a kitchen or bathroom cabinet that you can install yourself, RTA cabinets are the way to go. Although not all RTA cabinets are high-quality, there are many excellent ones available. If you make sure you know what you’re buying, you should be able to find an RTA cabinet that will not only be easy to install but also look wonderful in your home for years to come. For top-notch cabinets, be sure to check out New Cabinet Company.