In a small kitchen, the battle for storage space can be a struggle. Limited room for cabinets, drawers, and other storage elements means that every square inch needs to be optimized. As cabinets can be the largest elements in your kitchen, it's important to ensure they maximize the available storage space.


By implementing the right cabinet storage solutions, you can turn a cramped and cluttered kitchen into a streamlined and efficient workspace. Read on to find out a few space-savvy cabinet tips, brought to you by our team at New Cabinet Company.


Divide Space with Interior Cabinet Organizers


In a compact kitchen, where space is at a premium, the role of interior drawer and cabinet organizers becomes even more crucial. It's not just about maximizing storage; it's about making that storage work efficiently for you. Dividing drawers into compartments can change the game as it enables you to utilize every inch effectively.


Whether you opt for horizontal or vertical dividers, they can be a lifesaver for items like narrow pans or baking sheets. No more struggling to locate what you need amidst a chaotic pile! You simply have to slide each item out of its designated slot and enjoy the ease of access. Organizers for cabinets are an easy solution that brings order to your small kitchen.


Add a Small Kitchen Island with Cabinets


Make the most of your limited kitchen space by introducing a strategically sized island with spacious cabinets. Not only does it help you maximize storage space, but it also gives you more space for prep. Customize your island with features like hooks and bins to enhance its functionality further.


There is no doubt that kitchen island cabinets are a great choice for maximizing storage. However, dealing with deep, low cabinets can sometimes result in items getting lost in the depths. A solution for this is to add cabinets to both sides of your kitchen island. This way, you can keep your kitchen essentials within easy reach on each side, ensuring that nothing gets buried or lost in the abyss. Kitchen islands with cabinets are an effective way to maximize storage space in your kitchen.


Space-Saving Cabinet Designs


Achieving maximum kitchen storage is all about choosing the right cabinet designs, and we've got the perfect solutions here at New Cabinet Company. With our spacious cabinet designs, you can have a kitchen that not only produces more space for your equipment but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere through an updated look.

Incorporate Light and Dark Cabinet Colors to Maximize Physical Space


While it may seem counterintuitive, incorporating dark cabinets into a small kitchen can work wonders in terms of maximizing physical space. The strategic use of contrasting light and dark hue scan create optical illusions that give the illusion of a larger kitchen.


Consider adding a touch of dark gray to aback wall behind our Dove or Prime Frosted White cabinets. This clever technique causes the back wall to visually recede, creating the perception of added depth and making the kitchen appear more spacious.


Let Us Help You Maximize Storage Space in Your Kitchen!


Our modern kitchen cabinets are designed to provide you with an ample amount of storage space for your kitchen. Whether you have a small or large kitchen, New Cabinet Company is a trusted choice for quality cabinets.


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