Four Helpful Techniques for Maintaining Your Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets endure daily wear and tear, often becoming dull and dirty due to grease, spills, and food stains. However, with proper care and maintenance, your kitchen cabinets can last years.


To help homeowners on a budget extend the life of their cabinets, we at New Cabinet Company have compiled a list of four cabinet maintenance tips to ensure they last for many years to come.


1.     Ensure a Consistent Cleaning Schedule


For proper kitchen cabinet maintenance, it’s important to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. To keep your cabinets looking fresh, incorporate cabinet wipe-downs into your cleaning routine. Remember to clean the interiors and exteriors of kitchen cabinets as the surfaces can collect grease, food stains, and steam residue.


The great thing about our kitchen cabinets is that they are easy to clean and require simple maintenance. We recommend mixing a teaspoon of dishwasher liquid with eight cups of warm water to wash the cabinets, then dry them with a clean cloth to prevent moisture damage. This method won't remove all the dirt but will reduce buildup until your seasonal deep cleaning.


2.     Steer Clear of Moisture


Steer clear of moisture as it can harm kitchen cabinets. Kitchens tend to be hot and humid due to cooking and appliances like sinks and dishwashers that add to the moisture. This excess moisture can lead to permanent damage, including wood warping and cabinet finish discoloration.


To mitigate moisture-related issues, follow these tips:

· Avoid hanging damp dish cloths on cabinet doors.

· Promptly clean up spills and dry wet cabinets using a soft, clean cloth.

· Refrain from storing damp utensils or dishes in cabinets. Consider using shelf liners to combat moisture buildup in cabinets or drawers.


These techniques can go a long way in ensuring your cabinets last long.


3.     Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Chemicals


To maintain your wood cabinets, prioritize their protective finish by avoiding anything that might scratch or strip them and expose the wood underneath. Opt for gentle yet effective cleaners such as dishwasher liquid or oil soap. When dealing with tough, sticky spots, resist the urge to use abrasive pads, as they can dull or scratch the cabinet finish. Also, remember to steer clear of strong detergents and abrasive products as these can permanently damage your cabinets.


4.     Gentle Use Means Preservation


To preserve your kitchen cabinets, consider these practical tips. Kitchen cabinets often endure unintentional slamming due to daily use, leading to dings and damage. Install quiet-closing cabinets such as ours at New Cabinet Company to reduce slamming and maximize durability. Enforce a "no-slamming" door policy at home and open drawers with roll-out hardware partially to reduce strain.


Also, be sure to avoid overloading cabinets, as excessive weight can lead to sagging and weakened hardware. Declutter to reduce cabinet weight, refrain from cramming items, and store smaller items in upper cabinets and larger cookware in bottom cabinets. Be cautious with food pantry units, avoiding stacking heavy items in multi-shelved units and Lazy Susans.


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