Are your kitchen and bathroom cabinets prepared to impress your family this upcoming holiday season? Installing new kitchen or bathroom cabinets can rejuvenate the look of your space, making it the perfect way to remodel your home for guests before the holiday season. In fact, this holiday season, kitchen and bathroom cabinet sales are expected to grow by 4.2% from 2023-2024, under scoring the trend of numerous homeowners opting to refresh their cabinets before the holiday season.


Here are three trends for kitchen and bathroom cabinets to take advantage of during the holidays this year.

A Large Kitchen Island


Kitchen islands are taking center stage in the design, with some individuals opting for a double island setup. Many cabinet experts would recommend leaning towards the concept of a single, elongated island rather than two smaller ones as it creates the illusion of a larger kitchen space.


A large kitchen island with trendy cabinets from New Cabinet Company is the perfect addition to your kitchen space before the holiday season hits. A kitchen island is a place known to bring about the element of togetherness in ahome, as it is a common space where families get together to prepare meals, talk with each other, and make memories. This holiday season, you will want to ensure you have a kitchen island with quality cabinets for your home.


Adding a Pop of Color through Cabinets


Bold colors are currently enjoying a surge in popularity and are proving to be a stunning choice for various design elements in kitchens and bathrooms, including walls, tiles, and cabinets. You can either use a bold color as a dominant theme for cabinets or you can include it for a dash of color through décor. Many interior designers will recommend including colored cabinets for either your top or bottom cabinets, leaving the other side a neutral color. For example, a popular choice for many is to include white cabinets for your lower cabinets and keep your top cabinets a bold color.


If the idea of copious amounts of color in your kitchen or bathroom startles you, New Cabinet Company has a perfectly colored cabinet just for you that will add a splash of color to your kitchen without going overboard. Our Indigo cabinets are a top choice for those who want to enhance the look of their space this holiday season and maintain its appeal. Complement them with a neutral color such as Artisan White Oak to achieve a classic kitchen or bathroom look that will last beyond the holiday season.


Natural Wood Kitchen &Bathroom


If you lean toward a rustic ambiance in your bathroom or kitchen, opting for natural wood cabinets is the way to go. The enduring appeal of natural wood cabinets as a design trend has persisted for several years. Whether your bathroom or kitchen is influenced by a traditional or modern aesthetic, you'll find a natural wood cabinet that harmonizes beautifully with the style and enhances the space. With a natural wood kitchen or bathroom, you will wow your holiday guests.


Give Your Home a Makeover This Holiday with Quality Cabinets!


New Cabinet Company is an excellent choice when it comes to companies that provide a range of stylish and trendy kitchen and bathroom cabinets. For quality cabinets at unbeatable prices, choose New Cabinet Company today.


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