10 Reasons to Consider Modern Shaker Cabinets for Your Home


When you’re picking out new kitchen cabinets for your home, you have numerous options to consider. Different types of kitchen cabinets offer different benefits and fit with different types of kitchen designs. And although there are many great styles of kitchen cabinets, you should think about choosing modern shaker cabinets for your kitchen. If you’re unfamiliar with shaker cabinets, they’re simple cabinets known for their box-like design and square shape. Typically, shaker cabinet doors feature flat panels with straightforward borders. Here, we’ll take a look at the reasons why modern shaker cabinets could be a wonderful choice for your home.


#1 - They’re Stylish

If you want your kitchen to look good, you need to select kitchen cabinets with a stylish appearance. Modern shaker cabinets absolutely fit that description. When the modern style is combined with the classic shaker cabinets, it creates a kitchen cabinet that’s sleek, subtle, and extremely stylish.


#2 - They Fit in Most Kitchens

Another great thing about modern shaker cabinets is that they will fit the style of almost every type of kitchen. Because these cabinets are so simplistic and unassuming, there are very few styles of kitchen design that they will clash with. No matter what the aesthetic or color scheme of your kitchen is, most modern shaker cabinets will be a lovely fit.


#3 - They’re Easy to Customize

Although modern shaker cabinets are very simple, you don’t have to keep yours simple if you prefer a bit more flair. If you’d rather add some extra personality to your basic white shaker cabinets, you can always personalize them by staining or painting them a bolder color. Shaker cabinets also offer you the opportunity to add unique hardware as another form of customization.


#4 - They’re Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of having modern shaker cabinets is that they don’t require much maintenance to keep them in good shape and looking sharp. With cabinets that are more intricately designed or complex, there are usually more surfaces and spaces where substances like dirt, dust, and small debris can accumulate. With modern shaker cabinets, it shouldn’t take any special effort to keep them clean and beautiful.


#5 - They’re Functional

In addition to looking stylish, it’s important that your kitchen cabinets are functional as well. With modern shaker cabinets, they will not only improve the aesthetic of your kitchen, but they’ll also provide you with quite a bit of extra storage space. That can allow you to keep the rest of your kitchen looking clean and tidy.


#6 - They’re Affordable

Some types of kitchen cabinets can be very expensive, but that isn’t usually the case with modern shaker cabinets. With shaker cabinets, you’re typically getting quality kitchen cabinets without having to break the bank.


#7 - They’re Contemporary

These days, many homeowners are choosing to design their kitchens with a contemporary style. If this is your preference, then modern shaker cabinets will be an excellent fit for your contemporary kitchen. With a sleek, minimalist design, these cabinets will complement the rest of the kitchen nicely.


#8 - They’re Timeless

Although contemporary kitchen designs are very popular, you may prefer to go with a more traditional or classic style for your home’s kitchen. Modern shaker cabinets are timeless, and because of their unassuming design, they work well in traditional kitchens as well as contemporary ones.


#9 - They’re Durable

Because most modern shaker cabinets are designed with hardwood or other quality materials, you can usually depend on them to hold up well for many years. This means that you should get a solid return on your investment, and your cabinets should remain in great shape.


#10 - They’re in Style

If keeping up with current home design trends is a priority for you, you’ll definitely want to consider modern shaker cabinets for your kitchen. Because these cabinets have such a timeless appeal, they never go out of style, and they will always remain a popular choice for homeowners.



If you’re in search of quality kitchen cabinets that will improve the look and functionality of your kitchen in 2023, you can’t go wrong with modern shaker cabinets. Modern shaker cabinets are sleek, stylish, affordable, and durable, and they’re a superb addition to just about any kitchen. When you need quality cabinets at reasonable prices, be sure to check out New Cabinet Company.